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I began my line of greeting cards 2 weeks following the World Trade Center attack.  I wanted to create something healing for people to look at and think about.  It was a very sad time for the nation and a shift of fear came over the people.  I had just left Oklahoma to chase my dreams and was faced with another explosion in my life.

To counteract my fears and sadness, I began creating positive pictures to escape the reality that had set in.  I wanted to express hope in every card.  True destruction comes when we give up and stop believing in this life.  I think in even my darkess of hours, I never stopped believing.


All cards are mixed media on a 5X7  paper card. 


Prints are available for purchase.  Checks and Money Orders accepted.  Contact rbgart@yahoo.com .

Package 1

4-5x7in cards=$20.00

Package 2

3-4.25X 5.5in=$10.00


Remembering Life

  "The Swings" 

Insert Quote- Life has simple rewards, just go swing, you'll see-RBG


Healing or Miss you

 "Days Go By"

Insert Qoute-   Days go by                      Days go by

                        and all it can do              and with each cry

                      is think about you.     you began to understand

                                                                the question of why

                                                                    Take each day

                                                                     one at a time.

Remembering Life

 "Slow Down"

Insert Quote-  Slow Down, at this moment life is passing you by.-RBG



 "You are my Sunshine"

Insert Quote- You are my sunshine

                           my only sunshine

                         You make me happy

                           when skies are blue.


Remembering the Self

 "The Path of the Rainbow"

Insert Quote- Along your path..

                        be sure to clean it often,

                        rest, take risk, believe

                        and always, always

                        take time to smell the flowers.-RBG


Remembeing Life

 "All the many Flowers"

*blank inside


Empowerment or Encouragement

 "Power Within"

Inside Quote- Stay Strong!!

                        and overcome

                        your obstacles.


Remembering the Self

 "The Face of Me"

*blank inside


Thank You

"Red Flower and Rainbows"

Inside Qoute- Thank You.


Remembering Life

 "Life throws Us through Loops"

Inside Quote-Sometimes......

                        Life throws us through loops.

                        We have to remember-

                        Were we came from,

                        Were we are going.....

                        and most importantly

                        Were we are at this ezact moment.

                         Just breath in the life.



  "Love Feele the Day"

Inside Quote-Love Feels the Day!!!



 "Love is a Bird"

Inside Quote- Sometimes...

                         We have to fly against the wind

                          and go out into the unknown.

                          But, when we have love

                          it is easy to spread our wings

                         ....and soar above.





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