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"HOPE" by Scott Lunsford and RBG  www.scottlunsford.org



"Tiny T and RBG"...by us...  www.myspace.com/tinytvision



"I BEAT LIFE" by Zac Heimdale and RBG   www.myspace.com/polygraf_zac






Art by Eva Moll, Photography by Zane Yost, Muse and organizer...RBG (March 2007)

"The Apple, the Tipi and MWP"....by Eva Moll, Mark Potter and RBG (2007)


 "Mother Nature Needs you"...a piece by Garon Shirley and RBG (2006)


      "Creating Unity, August 2005"  a piece by Kathy Gerhardt, Mark Potter, Brian Parker and Rainbow Girl. 


  "Our Girl"  a piece by Kathy Gerhardt, Brian Parker and Rainbow Girl.  (2005)


  "Purple Face Lady"  a piece by Eva Moll and Rainbow Girl in 2004.   To check out Eva's work www.evamoll.com


  "The Path of Kathy and Rainbow" a piece by Kathy Gerhardt and Rainbow Girl. To check out Kathy's work www.eireart.com (2005)


  "Corn Goddess, August 2005" a piece by Mark Potter and RBG..


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