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Welcome to RBG art shopping!!  Below you will find a mixture of many original or print artwork for purchase.  In addition to this...I also do commissioned work.  At the present time I take payment in the form of check or money order. To inquire about work or to discuss a commission please contact me at rbgart@yahoo.com .



 "Abbey Rainbow Road"  4ftx4ft...commission piece....Oil, Acrylic, Glitter and Puff Paint.



 NEW "Isn't She Lovely"...24in x 20in..recycled material..NOT AVAILABLE


 NEW.."Stain Glass Butterfly"..12in x 16in..mixed media on canvas sheet...AVAILABLE


 NEW.."Butterfly Soaring over Grass"..12in x 16in...mixed media on canvas sheet....AVAILABLE


 NEW...  "Silver Shine on Pink"...12in x 16in..mixed media on canvas sheet..AVAILABLE


 NEW... "I see Sun, I see Moon"..16 x 12in..mixed media on canvas sheet...AVAILABLE


 NEW.."Golden Center Flower in the Sun"...16in x 12in...mixed media on canvas sheet...AVAILABLE


 NEW.."Flowers in Movement"..12in x16in..mixed media on canvas sheet..AVAILABLE


 *NEW*..Five White Flowers with Red Zig Zags..12in x16in..mixed media on canvas sheet...AVAILABLE


 *NEW*.."Trying to find the Balance"...12inx16in..mixed media on canvas sheet...AVAILABLE


 *NEW*  "A Sunny Day with a black and white Flower"...12in x 16in..mixed media on canvas sheet...AVAILABLE


 *NEW*..." A Butterfly on my Face"...16x12in mixed media on canvas sheet...AVAILABLE


  "Flowers with Black Square Nights" mixed media on canvas (4ftx 1.7ft)  200....NOT AVAILABLE


"Earth Girl and the Big City" Mixed media on Canvas (20x16in) 2006....NOT AVAILABLE


 "The Owl Takes Fly" mixed media on canvas(4ft x 4ft) 2006


 The owl under the black light...


 "The Positive Eye"  mixed media on canvas  (3ft x 2ft) 2004


 "The Negative Eye" mixed media on canvas (3ft x 2ft) 2003


 "The Face of Me 3: The Warrior of Life" mixed media on canvas (4ftx 3ft) 2005

 The Face of Me 3 under a black light....


"The Spirit of America" mixed media on canvas (4ft x 2ft) 2003






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