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     I was born Lauren Dawn Lunsford on April 19th, 1976 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  I spent my childhood years living in Hominy, OK with my father and my teen years living with my mother in Tulsa,OK. I continued to live in Oklahoma until August 2001.  I then moved to the East Coast for 5 years to pursue my career in the arts.

   Hominy is a very small town in Osage County and the culture is mostly Native American Indians.  I grew up going to pow wows and learning about the heritage and the plight of the Native people.  I do know that I have Indian from both sides of the family but the amount is unknown.  My father was a very unique individual, he did not believe in organized religion, was obsessed with the Universe and the existence of God.  My younger brother, Scott, and I often went to bed at night listening to the teachings of Carl Sagan and were taught to play chess at a very young age. My father was also an alcoholic, made bombs and had a very destructive side.  

   In school, I would win an Indian Art Contest, Daughters of the American Revolution Essay Contest, Chess Tournament and compete for Miss Teen Oklahoma by my Freshman Year. My father's behavior worsened and I moved in with my mother in Tulsa.

   My mother's house gave me stability and freedom from my father.  My mother allowed me to be me.  I would spend my high school years dancing, putting together cool outfits, having parties, working and graduating with honors.  However, tragedy struck my senior year.  My father would take the life of my 2 year old half sister and himself on Oct. 24th, 1993 with a gun.  The next 7 years of my life would be a roller coaster ride full of drugs use, rage and severe depression. 

    My pain would heal thru acting out, counseling, writing poetry and at age 24, I picked up a paint brush and began painting.  Within a year, I was the guest artist at the Philbrook Art Museum in a children's art program and painted a mural in the Tulsa River Parks.  I began dying my hair all the colors of the Rainbow and was nicknamed "Rainbow" by friends.  I then met Stuart Bird, who ran the Tulsa Repertory Theater and SOBO Art Gallery.  He suggested that I take the name Rainbow Girl after viewing a sketch that I had done of Tipis and Indians.  My best friend, Summer, would proclaim the name as my Native American Indian name.

     The following year, I took off to New York City three weeks before the World Trade Center attack (the OKC bombing had occured on my 19th birthday).  I chose to live outside of the city in Northhampton, PA..  There I began producing art and poetry for healing.  I sold my first 2 paintings, moved to Brooklyn and later to Harlem where I lived for 4 years. During which time I helped to produce events such as Gathering of the Artstars Festival and co produced 2 artist collectives called The Galaxy Girls NYC and the Galaxy Arts.  In December 2004, tragedy would strike again and my cousin would take her own life at the age of 24 with a drug overdose.  This event sent me spiraling into more pain and reliving my father and sister's death again. I decided to come home to Tulsa and seek counseling and healing for myself.  I now spend most of my time living in Tulsa, Ok and have a base in New York City. I am traveling all over the world right now and making the most out of life.

     I am a painter, poet, dancer, writer, philosopher, entreprenuer, activist and environmentalist.  I believe in hope, happiness and peace.  My art, poetry and beliefs are based on my Native American Indian upbringing and influenced by the sixties pop culture and eighties glam.  I am currently putting together a campaign called MOTHER NATURE NEEDS YOU (www.myspace.com/mothernatureneedsyou ) to spread conscious awareness of recycling and how we in America can start getting more evolved with taking care of the planet.   I plan on creating great change and empowering women to have a louder voice in our communities.  I am a sign of hope, fighter for justice and real life Super Hero.  In the end, I just want to take over the planet and make it a better place!!!   


With the most Peace-RBG





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