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The Mother Nature Needs You Campaign went into its second year this November. I am so excited of the past years progress and seeing the green movement really take off.  This year I became a Tulsa Master Recycler and through the program set goals such as coordinating recycling efforts at New Genre Festival, Mayfest, Blue Dome, One Love Music Fest and the Tulsa State Fair.  Special thanks to Shamrock Communications for allowing Public Service Announcements on Z104.5 The Edge and 94.1 The Sound to promote recycling efforts as well as the artist who have helped produce them.  Thanks so much for all the many volunteers who dedicated their time to making recycling happen, Sarah Bowen (my right hand girl needs a huge pat on the back!), To Tulsa Tech for screenprinting our reusable shirts(Debra Sellars..I can't thank you enough), to Laureen Gilroy for Starting Tulsa's First Master Recycler Program, To The MET...who has been going at it for a long time(Recycle Michael since he was a kid!),TYpros Sustainablity Crew and Tulsa for Obama.  These are all the amazing people I worked with over the course of the past year.  On November 18th, I was awarded Oklahoma Recycler of the Year at the America Recycles Day Banquet...I feel so empowered.  I have been called a community organizer lately which I still dont know how to take because I still see myself as an artist who creates but creation comes in all forms.  I know it is my destiny to do this work and to have passion for something...to really believe that you can change things is better than any painting I could ever create.



Rainbow Girl

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"Oklahoma Recycler of the Year"

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