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Offenbach, Germany


This was my first International Show and I had a lot of fun.  I told the story of growing up in a small town and discovering myself as an artist in the big city life...New York City.  The show consisted of artwork, photos, garden installation, spoken word and dance performance.  I went from an Indian girl to a art chick making my way through the city settings.  In "All about Eve and the Apple" I was painted in bodyart by Eva Moll who created a backdrop of the City relating to the Apple of Creation Eve as a Nature Woman who bit into the apple and so began life.  I then did a dance performance to portray my happiness and struggle to Microleague´s New York New York...Art came Alive on so many levels!!  I grew up around the Indian Culture which was surrounded by the Christian beliefs...I like to think that I have taken a little bit of all religions and cultures fusing them together in art...I will soon be creating Art is my Religion in hopes of breaking down Religious barriers that plague our society.  I also had the posters and works from the Mother Nature Needs You Campaign on display.  A special thanks to Eva Moll for making all this happen and being a great friend in art and life.  Below are some of the works that were on display. 


"Earth Girl and the Big City"

16x20in mixed media on Canvas


"Chief Rainbow Girl"

25in x 27in mixed media on canvas


"Garden Installation"

I used NYC Metro cards to outline garden and make a yellow brick road.  I filled in garden with small works of flowers, butterflies and birds.  Had real flowers in a garden setting and a field of Tipis.


"A Pallet from New York City"

This piece came from a artist in Harlem who had just recently past and it was going to get thrown out.  I had to save it and transcend it and keep it alive.  There is original oil paint from the former artist...I recycled it and added Harlem and Flowers that represent suns. 


The Face of Me 3: The Warrior of Life

4ft x 3ft...mixed media on Canvas

This piece was created in one of my most difficult time in New York City..it expressed my struggle and my will to overcome the battles that I had to go through in the year 05.


Other works include....

The Owl Takes flight

Mother Nature Needs You

Give a Hoot

Dancing with Picasso

Tipis in the Sky

One White Tipi

Dreamcatcher Playing Chess


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